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    Donate Dec 14-2020

    Helping The Poor And Homeless Stay Warm This Winter

    For most of us, the idea of winters is to sit comfortably at our home, wrapped in blankets while sipping hot tea. However, for those living on the streets, survival is all they care about, which becomes more challenging as temperatures drop each day.

    Finding an underprivileged person, trying to survive the wrath of winter, is not that hard. Once you go out on a drive with your car heaters on, these people search for a warm spot to sleep (which most of the time they don’t find). It is a grave condition. Sometimes they just go to sleep and never wake up.

    Every year, our organization, Hastaprada, organizes a campaign to provide high-quality blankets to those in need, including the homeless, rickshaw pullers, balloon sellers, vegetable sellers, women, kids, etc.

    These blankets are made from high-quality wool that can store heat and keep their body warm. Apart from the blankets, we also provide them with old winter clothing, carpets, dry ration, dignity kits, gloves, hats, earmuffs, body warmers, etc., that can help them stay warm and survive the winter season.

    As you know, no gift is better than warmth during a cold day; therefore, Hastaprad welcomes any donation that you can provide. You can participate by donating your old winter clothing and blankets to Hastaprada and help us in our initiative. If you are unable to contribute material, you can help us with funds, and we can assure you that we use it to help the underprivileged survive the biting cold.

    Dec 22-2020

    Women Empowerment: How Hastaprada Helps Empower Women

    Gender inequality affects an individual’s living experience, and women face its consequences more than men. Gender inequality has influenced women’s life expectancy, education, decision-making power, and the freedom to live a healthy life without any discrimination or violence.

    The toxic patriarchal society has made it crucial for every woman to become empowered, independent, and fight for their rights, bringing about a change so that both men and women are treated as equals.

    Discrimination against women starts right at birth. Over two lakh young girls under the age of five are killed each year because of their gender. Around 1 in 20 of the 13 million girls between the age of 15 and 19 have experienced forced sex in their lifetimes. Also, on average, there’s at least one episode of violence against women every 20 minutes.

    Such harmful gender norms have sustained and at the highest levels since the stone-age. They have perpetuated to the extent that laws and policies were imposed that treat women and men differently. For example, in some countries, laws have restricted women from inheriting property.

    Women are not given any education except how to do chores at home and silently bear the pain of domestic violence. Men are more supported than women when it comes to studies and chasing after their dreams; therefore, 1 in 4 girls neither receive quality education nor any training, which will make them qualified for being hired.

    Gender inequality is practiced in offices as well; men are the preferred gender even though women are more qualified. Apart from this, there are differences between their salaries – men are paid higher salaries than women.

    Men also face discrimination, but the severity is not the same. Gender inequality massively affects a woman’s living experience and their consequences are deadly. By donating for women empowerment, you will be helping millions of women understand their rights, fight for themselves, and proudly face the world.

    How Hastaprada Helps Empower Women?

    Hastaprada provides women with the support they need to face the toxic patriarchal world as a conqueror. We give every woman a safe shelter, food, education, healthcare, and several other necessities that they need access to.

    Hastaprada also helps the victims of domestic violence, rape, molestation, and several other visctims of heinous crime against women. We will educate every woman from both urban and rural regions about their rights. We will provide them with the education and training programs to help them find a job and earn a livelihood.

    Our healthcare facilities include maternal care and medical aid to those in need. Hastaprada makes sure that a comfortable, safe, and equality-focussed environment is built for women in their shelters and gradually, the outside world. We make sure that the victims of domestic violence, rape, molestation, etc. get the support they want and help them get justice.

    We also run several awareness campaigns and set up camps in numerous regions of the world to let women know about their rights and learn that Hastaprada is there to help them. Donate now for women empowerment, and we will make sure that every woman gets the help they need to face the world and be a conqueror.

    Let’s stop the discrimination and live together in harmony!

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