About Us

Hastaprada is a Sanskrit word that means supporting and helping. As the name suggests, we lend a helping hand and work to provide women, children, and the elderly, who live in poverty with the same standard of living and rights as the majority of people in a society.

Our focus is on ensuring that the most exceptional education, healthcare facilities, and other fundamental necessities reach those in need. We value the dignity of the poor and the donors who have empowered us through every process of development. Through multiple programs and initiatives, Hastaprada has helped thousands of underprivileged out of poverty.

Hastaprada aims to grow as an idea that exceeds India’s boundary and spreads out globally following the same beliefs and initiatives across multiple regions and countries.

Our Vision

Hastaprada is an Indian NGO that envisions to empower underprivileged children, youth, women, and disadvantaged elderly through quality education, best healthcare facilities, and market-focused livelihood programs. We work with the motive to alleviate poverty by addressing and treating it from the ground up.

Our Mission


Education is the means to a better life. It helps you grow personally as well as economically while gaining awareness about one’s rights. It allows people to become better citizens while empowering them with the decision making power and the ability to earn their livelihood.

For children, education is the way to understand life and its various challenges. But life becomes tougher for children who cannot afford their means to make it better. So, Hastaprada makes sure that all the underprivileged children from around the world receive a quality education, not only because they need it but also because they deserve it.


Since India’s independence, the health sector has grown rapidly. But even after 73 years providing moderate healthcare facilities (let alone the BEST) to those in need remains a challenge. In India, nearly 27% of people succumb to their diseases for want of medical attention. The majority of these people are poverty-stricken; hence, they cannot afford quality education, which further fuels the lack of awareness.

For people who can be treated but are not because they are underprivileged, Hastaprada lends their helping hand and support. We make sure that the best healthcare facilities reach every poverty-stricken household in the time of need.

Helping Disadvantaged Elderly

When their children move to different cities, several elderlies are left alone to survive with their cataract-affected vision. Due to their old age and several health issues like asthma, arthritis, malnutrition, etc. they are unable to earn their livelihood, so they have no choice but to start begging on the streets.

Hastaprada provides such disadvantaged elderly with the appropriate healthcare facilities to treat all their health-related issues while we look after them in the last few days of their life. Also, we will make sure that our elders don’t have to beg or push themselves to their limits for daily meals.

Women Empowerment

Violence inflicted on women by their partners is not normal. On average, there’s one episode of violence against women every 20 minutes. The toxic patriarchal society treats women as objects, so they are often left to die during childbirth. These women need support to stand proudly and face the world, and Hastaprada promises to provide it.

Every woman will be provided with help and support to fight domestic violence. Hastaprada will ensure that proper medical aid, maternal care, awareness, and education about women’s rights are provided to women along with the several necessities they don’t have access to.

Disaster Management

Natural disasters can hit anytime, and no-one is spared from nature’s wrath. While many of us have the means to prepare before a natural calamity hits, countless people and Adivasis are unaware of what’s to come. Even if we consider the rare cases of when they are, they lack the techniques and knowledge to save themselves and their livelihood.

Hastaprada is committed to spread awareness about disaster management and provide effective and immediate emergency assistance to the victims with long-term solutions. We will also teach them techniques to secure their livelihood and save themselves from future natural disasters.

Livelihood Programs

Hastaprada’s livelihood programs have enabled the underprivileged to help themselves out of poverty by performing activities essential to everyday life. Such activities include (but are not limited to) securing food, water, clothing, medicine, shelter, etc.

We have designed our livelihood programs to help the marginalized people improve their quality of life through healthcare, education, and livelihood opportunities.


Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.